Alita Battle Angel A Visual Spectacle Worth Seeing.

Upon leaving the theater after watching Alita Battle Angel I came away with mixed feelings? What I mean by that as one who has read the manga and watching how the final film made some subtle changes to the original story was little disappointing. But was it enough of a change to make this film unwatchable? Absolutely not as Alita Battle Angle is a visual spectacle worth seeing as the film did an excellent job of creating a world that will fully immerse you into this cyberpunk setting. From a visual stand point this film is beautiful to watch and the fight scenes are really well done. What I did not like about this film is the love story between two of the main characters Alita and Hugo which at times was just too corny and resembled a really bad made for TV teen romance movie.

Alita Battle Angel Movie Trailer

Getting beyond the hard to watch love scenes you are rewarded by a ambitious film that tries to be bigger than the sum of it’s parts no pun intended and does a decent enough job of paying tribute to the original manga. I know most of the audience will be divided after watching this film. You will have the die hard fans who read the manga and will pick it apart and then you have the new fans that never read the manga or watched the anime and will really like this film. For what the film was I found it an enjoyable experience that will fully entertain you and that is why I give Alita Battle Angel 3.5 out 5 stars.

Alita Battle Angel Review & Audience Reaction


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