Captain Marvel Predictable But Enjoyable.

I was really hyped when Marvel announced they would be adding Captain Marvel to the MCU and even better she would be added to Avengers End Game had me ecstatic. Like most everyone else waiting months to see this movie and watching the trailers that were released made the hype surrounding this movie reach new heights.  But really I did not buy into the hype so I went in with the premise that I had to lower my expectations. After months of waiting I watched an advanced screening of Captain Marvel with my popcorn and a large Coke in hand I was ready. I can say that after watching Captain Marvel it was predictable but enjoyable as it does not break any new ground but instead sticks to the typical Marvel formula that has worked for almost every MCU film with the exceptions of Iron Man 2 and Thor The Dark World.

What You Need To Know About Captain Marvel 

Captain Marvel is a movie filled with 90’s nostalgia and the soundtrack will give you all the feels with Garabage, Elastica, No Doubt and even some Smashing Pumpkins references thrown in the background. At it’s core Captain Marvel is a movie that will play to the most human element in all of us and that is no matter how many times you get knocked down we all find the strength to get back up again. This is an element that will continue to play out throughout the movie and really connects you to the main character Carol Danvers as we can all see something in her that we can relate to. Actress Brie Larson does a great job portraying Captain Marvel which was surprising as the movie trailers kind of made her look unemotional and gave her cold feel as if though she could not human very well. This was not the case as Captain Marvel is strong, vulnerable, intimidating along with her lighter side showing her quick wit you really get to know and like her character throughout the movie.  

The Best & Worst Things About Captain Marvel

While most of the movie centers around Carol Danvers trying to find out who she is she via flashbacks of what her life was like before she left Earth and became part of Starforce an elite Kree military unit. You also get to see a much more light hearted version of Nick Fury portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson who at times kind of steals the spotlight with his comedic humor. The banter between both Carol Danvers and Nick Fury throughout the movie is fun to watch and they work well together. The scene stealer will no doubt be Goose the cat who is actually not a house cat but an alien called a Flerken. The appearance of  the Kree extremist Ronan The Accuser is short and not really necessary but none the less it was great to see the character on the big screen once again. The Skrull play a pivotal role in the film and have some memorable scenes that will serve as a platform for some great comedic gold. While Captain Marvel does not break any new ground in the MCU it is a solid addition and while it is predictable at times the film was enjoyable and fun to watch that is why I am giving it a solid 4 out of  5 stars.

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