Coach Pop Comments On His Future With The Spurs.

Coach Pop made a comment about his future with the San Antonio Spurs to Marc Stein of the New York Times. Never have five words ” I don’t know the answer” shaken the world of sports as Coach Pop did. That was his response when asked about his future with the Spurs. Gregg Popovich simply said he did not know if he would return as the Spurs head coach next season.

Let’s be real for a moment and consider what Coach Pop went through last season in losing his wife Erin Popovich. He also had to deal with the Kawhi Leonard drama and this certainly takes a toll on a person. So let’s ask ourselves a question? If this is truly is Coach Pop’s last season and he does not return would you blame him? I am sure Spurs fans around the Alamo city would feel heart broken but would understand.

Spurs fans it’s time you prepare yourselves for the inevitable even if Coach Pop does return to coach next season. The sun is setting on his career as he is already 70 years old and will at some point decide to call it quits. What Coach Pop leaves behind is a great legacy in the Spurs Culture he built and the Spurs system of excellence.

Who will replace Coach Pop when and if he decides to retire will remain a mystery? But when the time comes to appoint a new General you can rest assured the Spurs winning way’s will continue. In the meantime let’s not worry if this will be Coach Pop’s last season. Instead enjoy this season Spurs fans with all the up’s and down’s we have had to endure already.

I think we sometimes forget to enjoy the ride and really appreciate what we see happening out on the court with Coach Pop leading this team.  So until that final buzzer sounds and Coach Pop waves to the fans one last time. Savor every second and every game as if this were his last, because when the end comes it rarely comes with a warning.

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