So What’s Wrong With DeMar DeRozan?

On this all-new episode of the Two Shots Podcast, we will discuss DeMar DeRozan as his shooting slump continues.  After averaging 28 points per game in October and 22 points in November,  DeMar DeRozan has since averaged just 15 points per game for the month of January.  So what’s wrong with DeMar DeRozan? We will talk about that with our special guest Michael A. DeLeon founder of Project Spurs.

DeMar DeRozan Talks About His Shooting Slump

We will also ask the question? Should the Spurs go after Carmelo Anthony? Now that the Houston Rockets have traded him to the Chicago Bulls? I also ask Michael A. DeLeon about who is he picking to win the Superbowl between the RAMS and Patriots. Does Micahel A. DeLeon want to see Tom Brady win another Superbowl? Tune into this episode of the Two Shots Podcast to find out.

Episode 32 Of The Two Shots Podcast

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