Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse The Best Spidey Film Yet.

After seeing a pre-screening of the highly anticipated Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse I came away saying this could be the best Spidey film yet. What this film does so well is character development specifically the main character Miles Morales. He is quirky, shy and a dork at heart which is very relatable as Miles Morales represents us the everyday individual. Especially the scene where he is singing to the Post Malone single “Sunflower” as he colors a sticker while his parents are yelling at him to get ready for school.

The relationship represented between Miles Morales and his family is a recurring theme that will play throughout the movie. The theme of the film while simple connects you to the characters unlike any other Spider-Man film to date. You find yourself being drawn into the story as it unfolds on the big screen anticipating what will happen next. Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse introduces the character to a new generation of fans and delivers a solid performance to the die-hard Spidey fans. This is why? I have to say this is quite possibly the best Spider-Man film to date so go and see it you will not be disappointed.

Post Malone “Sunflower” from Spiderman Into The Spider Verse

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