Spurs Talk With Gil Rodriguez

On this all new episode 62 of the Two Shots Podcast we will be talking about all things Spurs as we interview our first die hard fan Gil Rodriguez.  We will be discussing Gil’s favorite Spurs memories and places he likes to watch the Spurs game around town. Gil Rodriguez will also share his thoughts about  Lonnie Walker and a lot more. You can follow Gil Rodriguez on Twitter @GillTheThrilll. You can also follow the Two Shots Podcast on FacebookTwitterInstagram & Youtube @twoshotspodcast.





2:11  Gil Rodriguez Shares Some Of His Best Spurs Memories

4:19  Talking About Celebrating The Spurs 2003 NBA Championship 

5:10   Gil Rodriguez Get’s Flashed While Celebrating Downtown

6:27   What Is Gil’s Favorite Piece Of Spurs Swag 

10:10  Gil Shares His Favorite Hot Spots To Watch Spurs Games 

14:14  Favorite Spurs Mural Or Street Artist

16:03  Gil Shares His Thought’s About Tim Duncan Becoming An Assistant Coach

18:53   Could Tim Duncan, Manu & Tony All Come Back As Coaches For The Spurs? 

21:15   What Are The Expectations Of DeJounte Murray This Upcoming Season

23:13   Gil Shares What His Expectations Are Of Lonnie Walker This Upcoming Season

25:22   Will Spurs Fans Finally Get Fiesta Colored Throwback Jersey This Season?

28:48  Who Was Gil’s Go To Player In Retro NBA JAM Tournament Edition

32:30   Talking About Some Spurs Centers And Enforcers From Back In The Day


Spurs Talk With Gil Rodriguez

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Guest:  Gil Rodriguez 

Hosted By: Joe Garcia 

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