The Spurs Sell A Minority Stake In The Organization. Should Fans Be Worried?

On this all new episode of the Two Shots Podcast we will talk about the Spurs selling a minority stake in the organization and if fans should be worried?  We will also talk about RC Buford’s video conference call with the media and give our takeaways.

RC Buford Conference Call

Joining us to talk about the Spurs Coffee gang and the wiener boat boys among other takeaways from the latest video featuring Manu Ginobili, Tiago Splitter, Patty Mills and Boris Diaw. Will be some familiar voice in our co-host Benjamin Bornstein, Wesley Perkins and Jonas Clark.  

Spurs Coffee Gang

What NBA prospects would be a good fit for the Spurs in the upcoming NBA draft? Well our good friend Benjamin Bornstein has you covered with some prospects to keep an eye out for. We will talk about NBA draft prospects Obi Toppin, Tyrese Haliburton, RJ Hampton, and Devin Vassell.

Two Shots Podcast Latest Episode 

Time Stamps

  1.   3:52  – RC Buford Video Conference Call Thoughts And Takeaways.
  2.  13:12  – The Spurs Sell A Minority Stake In The Organization.  Should Fans Be Worried?
  3.   24:16 – Spurs Coffee Gang Video Takeaways
  4.  32:51 – Talking NBA Prospects And Who Would Be A Great Fit For The Spurs In The Upcoming NBA Draft.
  5. 1:21 – Ending The Show Giving Our Social Media Handles For Fans To Follow Us On Twitter.


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