Toy Story 4 A Worthy Send Off

In what is most likely the last chapter to the fabled Toy Story franchise part 4 is a worthy send off that introduces some new characters and gives some closure that fans will be satisfied with. The beginning of Toy Story 4 open’s with a flash back scene on a stormy night that takes place 9 years earlier in which we see Woody and the rest of the Toys attempting to save RC from being swept away by the flooding caused by the rain.  Woody runs to Andy’s little sisters room Molly where he talks with Bo Beep and they devise a plan to save RC called operation pull toy.

Toy Story 4 ‘Operation Pull Toy’ Movie Clip

The opening scene ends with Molly deciding to give away Bo Beep and her sheep, Woody attempts to save her, but she is OK with being passed on to another child and the two say their goodbye’s. Fast forward we see Bonnie playing in her room with the toys while Woody watches from the closet, another toy makes a comment that it’s the third time this week she has not picked Woody. What has happened? It’s clear and that is Woody is not one of Bonnie’s favorite Toys as she prefers to play with Jessie. Playtime comes to an end as we see Bonnie’s parents come into the room and tell her it’s time for kindergarten orientation. Bonnie leaves but quickly returns to her room to hide and Woody see her crying and decides to stow away in her backpack to comfort her at the kindergarten orientation.

Toy Story 4 Movie Trailer  

While at school Woody sneak’s out of the backpack and helps Bonnie as she sits alone at a table by providing her with the materials she uses to create ‘Forky’ who is a spork with feet, googly eyes and a pipe cleaner for arms. This is where the adventure begins as the family packs up and goes on a RV road trip. By now we have all seen the scene from the Toy Story 4 movie trailer where Forky jumps put of the RV and Woody goes after him. The rest of the story will revolve around the RV Park along with the Carnival and Second Chance Antique Store where you meet new character Gabby Gabby and her band of ventriloquist dummies. Other new comers to Toy Story 4 are Canadian stuntman Duke Caboom voiced by (Keanu Reeves) and the sewn together plush animals Bunny voiced by (Jordan Peele) and Ducky voiced by (Keegan-Michael Key).

Toy Story 4 – New Characters

What Toy Story 4 does is focus on Woody as he reconnects with Bo Beep and once again the film showcases the power of play and what it means to be a family.  This film is beautifully animated and you will find yourself looking for the many Easter Eggs scattered throughout which really cover’s most of the Pixar Universe.  In closing Toy Story 4 brings closure to the franchise with some moments that will pull on your heart strings and others that will make you smile. While it might not please everyone and the story at times can seem to bounce around a lot from sub-plot to sub-plot, I found the film entertaining to watch and would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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